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ICAS Milestones

In 2011, Educational Assessment Australia celebrated its 30th year of delivering to Australian students, what is known today, as the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS). Over the past 30 years, we have made many improvements bringing us to the successful suite of assessments that we offer schools and their students today.

We are grateful for the support we have had from teachers, students, parents and the community which has allowed us to grow and achieve our goal of improving student learning outcomes.

  • » Educational Testing Centre (ETC) established at The University of New South Wales (UNSW).

  • » First subjects launched in Australia as the Australian Schools Competition (ASC) - Science and Primary Mathematics.

  • » EAA goes international - we have continued to grow internationally and are now represented in 20 countries worldwide.

  • » Computer Skills paper launched.

  • » International Assessments for Schools (IAS) initially launched in Hong Kong through PLK. Subjects offered included English, Mathematics in Chinese, Mathematics in and English, Science in Chinese and Science in English.

  • » Writing trials conducted.

  • » Writing launched in Australia & New Zealand. We received more than 8 times the expected number of entries.

  • » Full colour papers and online results launched.

  • » Secondary Mathematics launched as the Australasian Schools
        Mathematics Assessment.

    » ISO9001 accreditation guarantees the quality of our products.

  • » The inaugural New South Wales Medal Presentation Ceremony held at the John Niland Scientia Building, UNSW. Total Assessment Partnership (TAP) introduced to benefit schools entering full cohorts in ICAS.

  • » Spelling Assessment launched in Australia and New Zealand.

    » Writing launched in Singapore and medal ceremonies launched in Victoria and Queensland, Australia.

  • » ASC changes its name to the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS).

  • » The General Achievement Test (GAT) is launched for middle years students.

  • » Online entries and payments introduced.

    » Assessment conferences offered for Australian and New
        Zealand schools.

  • » ATAR Bonus Points offered for medal winning students globally.

    » After Schools Seminars introduced.

    » Online event management system introduced.

  • » EAA offers professional development around Australia, New
        Zealand and Singapore.

    » ICAS updates its new look and feel.

    » Writing launched in Malaysia and Indonesia.

    » ICAS launched in Hong Kong.

  • » IAS re-launched directly by UNSW Global, through its HK office as the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS).

  • » Celebrating 30 years of achievement.

    » TAP Conferences offered in Singapore and Brisbane.

    » Professional development sessions offered around Australia,
        New Zealand, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

  • » Extended Product Range to include a new subject - ICAS Writing for students in Primary 3 to Form 6.

  • » Extended Product Range to offer English, Mathematics and Science to students in Forms 5 and 6.

  • » ICAS Hong Kong Website officially renovated.

  • » ICAS Hong Kong Website renovated and empowered.